Tajikistan introduces unilateral 30-day visa waiver for 52 countries

Effective January 1, 2022, Tajikistan will introduce a unilateral visa-free travel regime for citizens of 52 countries. The corresponding decree was adopted by the government of Tajikistan, Asia-Plus reports. The government decree sets a time limit of 30 days for foreign residents to stay on Tajikistan’s territory.

The 30-day visa waiver applies to the citizens of the following countries:

1. Australia
2. the United Arab Emirates
3. Luxembourg
4. Brunei Darussalam
5. Kuwait
6. Qatar
7. New Zealand
8. United States of America
9. Iceland
10. Canada
11. Switzerland
12. Malaysia
13. Hungary
14. Austria
15. Argentina
16. the Federal Republic of Germany
17. the Dominican Republic
18. Indonesia
19. Italy
20. Republic of Korea
21. Cuba
22. Latvia
23. Lithuania
24. the Maldives
25. Poland
26. Portugal
27. Singapore
28. Turkey
29. the Philippines
30. Finland
31. France
32. Croatia
33. the Czech Republic
34. Chile
35. Sri Lanka
36. Ecuador
37. Estonia
38. Greece
39. Liechtenstein
40. Monaco
41. Saudi Arabia
42. Bahrain
43. Belgium
44. Denmark
45. Spain
46. the Netherlands
47. Norway
48. Thailand
49. Jordan
50. Sweden
51. Jamaica
52. Japan

Asia-Plus also notes that all the listed countries whose citizens will enjoy entering Tajikistan without a visa from January 1 were already provided with an opportunity to obtain a Tajik visa in a simplified manner.

The decree does not specify the reasons for granting such preferences to citizens of particular countries. The media suggested that the simplified procedure for granting entry to foreigners was adopted to increase the level of investment prospects and competitiveness of the republic as a tourist destination.

At the present moment, Tajikistan has a bilateral visa-free regime (or visa on arrival) with 23 world countries.

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