Kazakhstan resumes flight connections with 11 more countries

An aircraft at Almaty airport . Photo from the airport’s press office

Kazakhstan has extended the list of countries with which it has resumed regular international flights. The announcement was made yesterday (26 March) by the chief medical officer for transport, Sadvakas Baygabulov, Fergana’s correspondent in Kazakhstan reports.

To the list of countries belonging to the first category (from which arriving passengers will not be subjected to any restrictions, but will simply be required to fill in a form on arrival and have their temperatures checked) have been added Hungary, India, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Malaysia. Countries already placed on this list are China, South Korea, Japan, Georgia and Thailand.

To the list of countries belonging to the second category have been added Egypt, Ukraine, Poland, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Passengers arriving from these countries will be subject to additional requirements. They will need to provide a valid medical certificate showing that they are free of the coronavirus (dated no longer than five days before the moment they cross the border). Passengers who are unable to do this will be required to take a coronavirus test within 48 hours of arrival, or spend 14 days in home quarantine. Previously only Turkey was placed in category 2.

As before. it seems that only Kazakh citizens and citizens of the named countries will be permitted to enter Kazakhstan on these flights.

All other countries have been placed in category 3 and regular flights to and from them remain suspended.

Other Central Asian nations are yet to announce plans for the resumption of international flights.